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Do Air Purifiers Really Make Air Cleaner ?

Whether you’re worried about air pollution or just want to ensure that you and your family are breathing the cleanest air possible, take the time to do a little research before committing to a particular air purifier.

Many standard filter air purifiers do little to improve the overall quality of the air, as is evident on various consumer interest web sites, such as Consumer Reports. Though these more basic air purifiers remove larger particles from the air, they do little to remove the most deleterious particles, such as pet dander and allergens that are too small for these basic air purifiers to remove from the air.

One way of looking at the statistics of all air purifiers is to say that the bottom half of purifiers (as determined by their price range) are unlikely to offer filtration of the smallest particles which is necessary for improved health of those coping with health conditions such as asthma and allergy related symptoms.

While on the other hand, one does not necessarily have to invest in the most expensive brands of air purifiers in order to effectively cleanse the air of pollutants and allergy triggering particles. If you’re looking to make a cost effective decision on your purchase of an air purifier, I strongly recommend that you refer to a consumer research web site or other organization that provides detailed performance statistics.

The best way to ensure that a prospective air purifier is going to deliver the air purification that you need is to look at the hard facts and performance statistics. Once you have narrowed air purifier models down to a few to several different types, you may wish to consider customer reviews.

Customer reviews are a wonderful way to get a feel for how other people felt a particular air purifier performed for them. Oftentimes these more human reports can help clarify which air purifier is going to best suit your needs as well as your particular house or office arrangement and usage habits.

In this site you will find discussion of a variety of issues regarding air purifiers. You will also find my reviews of the most popular makes of purifiers, and how efficient they are, together with some thoughts from other people who have purchased these particular makes. You may also find it worthwhile reading the various topics in the articles section.

I hope you find it useful.