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How to Choose Home Air Purifiers

Home Air PurifiersWith all of the different home air purifiers available, how does one go about deciding which ones will best fit their purpose? If you think that simply being impressed by an air purifier commercial is enough information for you to run out and buy one, you really should think again! Many air purifiers are tested by consumer interest groups and are shown to do little or even nothing at all to improve the quality of air!

I highly recommend that you do some research online at a website such as Consumer Reports in order to best determine which home air purifiers work and will best fit your own individual needs.

In addition to reading the comprehensive performance reports and some customer reviews, the more detailed and premium services such as Consumer Reports have interesting articles about air purifiers and what the various seals and accolades sometimes attached to particular models are really about, and what they are worth.

For example, home air purifiers available from Sharper Image and Oreck include what is referred to as a "Seal of Truth from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America". This seal is available to home air purifier manufacturers that submit both an application and a $5,000 application fee.

Supposedly a panel of experts will then review independent scientific reports about the submitted home air purifier, but neither the AAFA nor Allergy UK (whose seal appears on Sharper Image air purifiers in addition to the AAFA’s seal) would disclose who their so-called experts were. Neither of these organizations offers any comparative information about the purifiers they endorse.

As the Consumer Reports site points out, these kinds of "endorsement" programs between business and non-profit groups raise many ethical concerns. The only way to be sure that a given home air purifier will perform as claimed by the manufacturer is to refer to an unbiased consumer interest group that has tested air purifiers.

If cost is a defining aspect for you, then start by organizing the reviews of home air purifiers by price, and work up from the bottom. You will soon be able to determine just how high in price you must go to obtain the features you need in a relatively short amount of time.