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Oreck Air Purifiers Don’t Work

Do Oreck Air Purifiers perform well ?

Oreck Air PurifiersFor a while I had been considering buying an air purifier and happened to see a commercial for an Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier. The advertisement was quite impressive, and the featured Oreck air purifier was presented as being an extremely efficient purifier.

But before I made a purchase I wanted to take a look online and research the product some more. Am I glad I did. It took me just five minutes to find several terrible reviews (see my Costs of Air Purifiers page) of pretty much every Oreck air purifier, not to mention some quite bad reviews of several other Oreck products.

Apparently the Oreck air purifiers are not only completely ineffective, but the company also has some major problems with their customer service, not to mention that many customers have been simply ripped off by the company!

I read several more Oreck air purifier reviews where customers had complained about the performance of their air purifiers and were told to return the original purifier. Although these customers returned the equipment (and many kept confirmation of their UPS delivery to Oreck) the company did not credit their accounts. Several customers who have refused to pay twice for one purifier unit are finding their credit reports suffering, as Oreck decided to report their accounts to collection agencies. Can you believe that?

Customers that called in to complain that their air purifiers didn’t work, and that the filter and collection plates weren't even collecting any dust were then told that such performance is normal! Many reviews I have read revealed that customers didn’t see significant dust collection even after a year of use.

Overall, I’d have to report that it appears the Oreck air purifiers simply do not work as the commercials on television would have you believe. In fact, they don’t seem to make the air any cleaner at all.

In conclusion, there are many high quality air purifiers on the market, as well as web sites, where you can compare and contrast the features and performance of the various different air purifiers that are available.

You will find many free consumer interest websites that feature basic information about different air purifiers, as well as customer reviews. Once you have compared the various air purifiers on the market and determine which is right for you and your home or office, there are many online stores and auction websites at which you can purchase air purifiers at prices significantly lower than most physical retail stores.

Of course you must make up your own mind about the Oreck brand, by carefully inspecting their advertising - just be wary that all that glitters is not gold!