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Secrets of choosing an air purifier

choosing an air purifierIonic, Ultra Violet, and Ozone: to choose or not to choose. Literally thousands of articles are written on this subject each year. How does one sort out fact from fiction? First, begin with the obvious. Every manufacturer has the best- in his own sight. So look elsewhere.

There is good news! You will find there is unlimited information available on air purifier systems on the net. Most of these sites, however, are company sites and they have one goal. Their goal is to sell you their air purifier system. They want your money, and they will say whatever it takes to sell you their air purifier. Nonetheless, you don't have to rely on their promises. Unbiased companies with good intentions are waiting in the wings.

Watch Out for "Special Deals"

Offers of free shipping, free trial, free gifts, and more will come pouring in. Ignore them! Find a site that tells you the truth-warranties, intended consumer information, price comparisons, how well the air purifiers really work, and more! Don't take an air purifier manufacturer's word for it. Find out what others have to say and recommend.

Price Comparison

You'll be shocked when you see the price differences. Air purifier companies making the exact same promises can range from thousands of dollars to under $100. You would think the air purifiers can't possibly all work efficiently. The surprising truth is that often the lower priced models work better than their pricier competitors. This is why it pays to check out air purifiers in detail before you make any purchasing decision.

Determine How Many You Need and Where to Place Them

You've seen all of the ads. There are hundreds of air purifiers out there to choose from. Air purifier manufacturers want you to buy their product. One thing they never say is where you should place the air purifiers for best performance. They hope you'll wind up buying more than one air purifier. Hence the common, "buy one and get half off a second" deal that air purifiers' companies offer.

In all honesty, most houses only need one or two air purifiers. If you have a relatively open floor plan, one system will often suffice. The trick is knowing where to place that air purifier. Placing air purifiers in the middle of a room is best, but not always practical. Corners are a horrible idea. Try placing your air purifier at the ends of a room where traffic flows. Air tends to flow in the same pattern.

Filtration System

Here's an issue that I bet you didn't know! You'll need to look into air purifiers' pre-filter qualities. Yes! Most air purifiers rely on a pre-filter to catch the larger particles first. Once the air is "pre-cleaned," it moves onto the smaller air purifier filter where the smaller particles are captured. If you have to replace both a pre-filter and a filter on your air purifier, you need to look into the replacement cost. It could add up!

Another thing that consumers don't stop to think about is the ease of filter changing. Why bother buying a specific air purifier if you'll need a toolbox every time the filter needs changing? Some air purifier models require more than one tool to get into the filter area of the machine. Filter changing should be quick and easy. Think of that issue when buying your air purifier.

In the ever-increasing battle to separate not only the good air from the bad, but also the good customer from the bad money, it all comes down to one thing. Either do your homework or pay the price.

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